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The blog is not dead

Haven’t posted in like a month. Don’t worry, the blog is not dead. It’s just in the hospital in critical condition. Haha, just kidding. Holiday season took up a lot of my time, and my apartment is currently very messy, and I have a cold. I know, excuses, right? Well a big reason I haven’t been posting is because I’ve been thinking so much. Lots of ideas rolling around the ol’ noodle, so look forward to some posts in the near future!

My apologies to those who have subscribed to my RSS feed and were like “sweet! new post!” only to find this, lol.

~peace, RR


(Blog) Policy Change

Hey all! You may have noticed that I missed Monday and Wednesday this week. (For the past few weeks I’ve been posting religiously (lol) on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.) Monday I missed because Comcast sucks, and Friday I missed because I was too busy getting drunk the night before to write anything.

Anyway, I think I’m going to change things up a bit. I’m not going to post on a set schedule. This may negatively impact readership, but the readership isn’t very high right now anyway so I don’t mind 🙂 I am still debating whether to write many little things or fewer longer, more thought out things. (If you have a preference either way, feel free to comment.) But I will probably post at least once a week.

Thanks for reading and thanks for the supportive comments!


[POLL] What do you want?

Hey all! I have a quick poll I’d love all of you to take. While I do mostly write this blog as a way to do something with all the ideas I have (before I forget them), I do enjoy when people read it, and you’ll probably read it more often and more regularly if it is about stuff you care about. So I ask you, what do you want me to write about more often? You can pick up to 3 things. If there are other things you are interested in that I didn’t mention, or if you want to give a more specific answer, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or email me! Any other suggestions are welcome, too! Thanks!! 🙂

What are people reading?

I’m curious: those that have time to read, what are you reading?

I just finished 1984 this weekend. Read it once before in high school but decided it needed to be read again. It was, as expected, awesome.

Not sure what I’m going to read next.

Still have to read Sam Harris’ new book. It’s tough though because I already agree with his argument having just read the first chapter. I assume the whole book is basically to convince those who don’t agree, so… yeah.

I have multiple books “in progress.” Sam’s book, a sweet book on existential philosophy, one of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation novels, a collection of stories by H.P. Lovecraft, and probably some others I can’t remember.

I want to read a book by Thomas M. Disch. I’m a big fan of dystopian fiction, and he sounds pretty amazing. I also want to read Demon Haunted World by Carl Sagan, and Christopher Hitchens’ memoir, Hitch-22.

Anyway, what are you guys reading? 🙂

~peace, RR

I welcome comments and suggestions. Comments can go below, suggestions to radiantreason[at]gmail[dot]com 🙂


Alright, I’ve decided to start up a blog. It isn’t that I have too much free time, I just think a lot and this seems to be a good way to share those thoughts. It will be mostly serious stuff, though I may toss in personal stuff now and again.

Things I might talk about:

  • Religion, atheism, and philosophy
  • Politics
  • Books
  • Music
  • Technology

I’ll attempt to do a good job of categorizing the posts so you can just read what you’re interested in. I can’t guarantee I’ll post on a regular basis but I do have a few posts cooking in the noggin right now. My interests are pretty broad too so if there are some things you would like my opinion on, toss an email to radiantreason[at]gmail[dot]com. (Only those who can figure out how to turn that into legitimate email address may have the privilege of emailing me.)

~Peace, RR