That’s right! I was in D.C. for the Stewart/Colbert rally this weekend. It was, needless to say, epic.

There were more people there than I’ve seen… well, ever. Which is understandable considering the crowd estimate at 215,000 people. Here’s a pic I took:

Love the sign.

Unfortunately, I was so far back from the stage that I couldn’t see or hear anything. Actually, I was so far back I couldn’t see the multiple video screens set up, or hear much coming from the speakers set up!

But whatever was going on on the stage wasn’t the highlight of the experience. What was cool was the atmosphere. It was just a (very large) bunch of people who are tired of the insanity, scare tactics, and stupidity coming from the right.

There was essentially no swearing. There was no chanting. There was no mob that got squashed by policemen in SWAT gear. No tear gas, no arrests. There were children there, old people. The signs were funny and tasteful (with correct spelling). Most of the signs were anti-Tea Party or satirical of the rally itself. A few legalize marijuana signs strewn about, as well as a good number of Pastafarian signs, too. Everyone just seemed to be really happy, a happiness that perhaps came from the visual recognition that there are lots of people who think the same way they do.

Here’s another picture to help you understand how many people were there. This is taken on a side street at least 5 blocks away from the rally itself. We were talking up a hill and when we turned around we saw…

Down the street from the rally

…that. Awesome pic, eh? Well, good enough for a camera phone. Yeah like I said there were a TON of people there. And this is on a side street, not even really at the rally itself.

So yeah, it was really cool. I’m glad I got to go, though I hope I’ll be able to find the actual performance by Stewart/Colbert on the internet somewhere too.

Now my friends, you know what to do: VOTE TOMORROW. Feel like the country’s going insane? Want to do something about it? For starters, vote tomorrow. Some time in the next week or two I might post some ideas on what else can be done. The Tea Party is not going to stop working November 3rd, so why should we? Anyway, just be sure to vote. In fact, bring some friends! Make sure everyone you know votes tomorrow!

~peace, RR

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