I have not been alive long enough to be familiar with the political climate of this country before about a decade ago. Yet I feel as though we are seeing something new: people supporting unintelligent candidates, and attacking the smart ones for being “elitist.”

The reason, I think, that this is going on is because the GOP has found a demographic that is not only large, but easy to manipulate. I’m talking, of course, about dumb people. There are tons of them in this country, and the GOP has basically been the sole caterer to their… needs.

Because of this, we have candidates like Sarah Palin and Christine O’Donnell, who are grossly undereducated and under-qualified for the positions they are running for. That these candidates wouldn’t do a very good job isn’t really a problem for the GOP, because, again, their target demographic is dumb people. They don’t need to be convinced, really. Just lied to enough times that they forget what they heard was a lie. Fed enough conspiracy theories that they become too scared to actually look at the issues.

The GOP has essentially made a bet on America. Namely, that most Americans are dumb enough to vote for people that are under-qualified because of scare tactics and misinformation on Faux News. And once those morons are in office, that said morons will be easy to control because they are similarly stupid.

This might work well now. After all, the GOP is set to win quite a few seats in a little less than a week. But this is short term. Could this bet be dangerous in the long term?

What I mean by this is what if the Republicans want a smart, well-qualified person to run? (Provided any smart people are left in the party, of course.) All this talk of qualifications and education not mattering will totally backfire, and all of those conspiracy theories will have to be taken back.

And what about the general future of the country and politics? Does the GOP not care that they are turning politics into a spectacle? A game where catchy talking points and scare tactics mean more than a strong platform and good, reasoned argument?

Aren’t they afraid that people will realize what they’re doing — fooling dumb people into voting for them — and be turned away from their party?

Oh wait. We’re talking about dumb people here… sigh…

~peace, RR

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