In the midst of the scholarly arguments for the nonexistence of God (the logical inconsistencies, proofs, and scientific evidence), we often fail to notice the more obvious things that should give believers pause. I’d like to mention the things I would expect to see if God did exist.

Now, I’m not talking about the Christian/Jewish god Yahweh here, or Allah, or Krishna. I’m just talking about a god in general. I feel there are a lot of things that should be happening if God existed that, simply, are not.

Also note, I am assuming that there is no “devil” and the god knows everything, can do anything, and is good (i.e. actively works for our benefit).

(Of course, there are religions that do not adhere to these specifications. However, not adhering to them leads to their own problems. For example, if there is a devil, then the god must have created it — implying the god is not working solely for our benefit. Or, if the god is all-powerful, it could remove it.)

And a final note. These aren’t proofs against a deity. These are just things I think people should find odd if they believe in God. It would also be much more obvious that God did exist if we saw these things occurring in real life.

1. Prayer actually working

If God existed, and listened to and answered prayers, I would expect prayer to work enough that the efficacy of prayer could be measured with a scientific study and that it would be shown to be effective. By this I mean prayer would actually work. And not just on things that happen all the time anyway, like cancer being cured, or getting a better job, or a small child being the only one to survive a car crash. Or dumb stuff, like gravity being reversed sometimes, or things changing colors, etc. I would expect prayer to grow amputees’ limbs back.

Unfortunately, studies have shown prayer has no more effect than placebo in helping patients in the hospital. And, unfortunately for brave soldiers that come back missing one or more limbs, nobody has ever grown back a lost limb, despite prayers to that effect.

2. Religious nations being most prosperous for no reason

This is probably one reason why religions took hold so easily in the past. A ruler did really well by being a great military strategist, or by randomly setting up shop in a good area with lots of resources, and people attribute the success to whatever religion the ruler adheres to.

If we look to which nations are most prosperous right now, what do we see? America, by some standards. Scandinavia. Western Europe. Japan and in a way China. And Australia. And why are they prosperous? To breeze over them quickly:

America because of natural resources and military advances during WW2. Scandinavia and Western Europe not because of religion. (Both are areas of higher-than-average levels of non-belief.) Japan from being buddies with America. Australia by being buddies with the UK. China because of natural resources, a huge population, and the ability of the government to control the economy. (Australia and especially Japan and China are also areas with high non-belief.)

So we have these prosperous places with either low religiosity or other nonreligious aspects that make them prosperous. Isn’t that weird? And you take the most religious nations like Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Pakistan and see them doing crummy. ISN’T THAT ODD?

3. Miraculous stuff happening left, right, and sideways

In the Bible, crazy stuff was happening all the time. Rivers turning to blood, people raising from the dead, things you never see nowadays. Most believers in this day and age are apparently happy enough seeing Jesus in Marmite jar lids, but I would expect more. And no, Insane Clown Posse, magnets don’t count.

4. Holy books being reliable sources of profound knowledge

“And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise” (Luke 6:31) is not profound. It’s common sense. And for being such a smart guy, God sure got slavery wrong (Leviticus 25:44-46). Why is there no scientific knowledge in any holy books that we didn’t already know at that time? Why do holy books seem obviously authored not by an all-knowing deity but by desert wanderers?

5. The world being indescribable at some level

Why are there atoms? Seriously now. What purpose do atoms serve? I’m not talking about them being the building blocks of matter. That’s science. What I mean is, why would a deity need to make matter out of atoms? Why can’t everything just be solid? Even granting that you need things to be made of atoms, why then are there quarks? Isn’t an atom small enough to make anything out of? Why does everything seem to be lacking any magic at all?

Alright, that’s probably enough. You get the idea. To me, the world just appears so… not the result of the workings of a deity. What do you guys think? What would you guys expect to see if a god did exist? I bet you all can think of some really clever ones!

~peace, RR

Oh, and don’t worry. This blog won’t be solely about religion, I promise. That being said, if you guys hear anything interesting that you would like my input on…

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