Alright, I’ve decided to start up a blog. It isn’t that I have too much free time, I just think a lot and this seems to be a good way to share those thoughts. It will be mostly serious stuff, though I may toss in personal stuff now and again.

Things I might talk about:

  • Religion, atheism, and philosophy
  • Politics
  • Books
  • Music
  • Technology

I’ll attempt to do a good job of categorizing the posts so you can just read what you’re interested in. I can’t guarantee I’ll post on a regular basis but I do have a few posts cooking in the noggin right now. My interests are pretty broad too so if there are some things you would like my opinion on, toss an email to radiantreason[at]gmail[dot]com. (Only those who can figure out how to turn that into legitimate email address may have the privilege of emailing me.)

~Peace, RR